Dave (boredomfiend) wrote,


I really need to get over my aversion to failure. You'll never been told "no" unless you ask a question. So instead of being told that they're not hiring, or the one accident on my license will get in the way of me getting the job, I simply havent applied. =) That makes perfect sense, right?

Just kidding. Thats total nonsense and I plan to kick myself out of the house tomorrow so that I can check it out. Driving a tow-truck may not be a glamorous job, but from what I understand, it can pay quite well. Another possible method of funding my flight school, and meeting interesting people, to boot!

I'm also going to make a new profile on Roommates.com I think. Not that I'm having problems with my roommate or anything, its just that I barely even recognize having one. Sure, I could just "pretend" that I live alone, except for the lack of privacy. If I cant walk around nude, then I obviously have a roommate. If I'm going to HAVE a roommate, I want it to be one that I'm on good terms with, instead of "invisibility."
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