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Building MoPeds

So I just finished building my first Motorized Bicycle. Its fun. I'm gonna see if I can sell them for decent money, and if that works out then after I flip a few, I'll start selling them a bit cheaper, make them affordable for students and such. I'm already thinking I'll offer a student discount, something like $50 off with valid student ID. =)

It took me a solid week to find a bike, and of course now I have two. I spent the last couple days building it and learning the Ins and Outs of the motor-kit, but now I've got it pretty well figured out. I'd get it done faster if I wasnt already trying to improvise and create within the designs, but its still alright. We'll have to see if my first one sells. I'm gonna start off asking $500 for it. I figure the beach cruisers will go for more, but I dont really know. Gotta send off a mass (three whole people) email about the bike I just finished to those that are interested and wanting updates. Problem is, I think most/all of those people want a cruiser, so I'll have to sell this one first to afford the engine to put on the cruiser I have. I got one at about $60 under retail sticker price by means of online auction. I really wish I had a place to store them, and I could buy a half dozen bikes for something like $200 bucks. That'd really allow for some assembly-line work. Good stuff. gotta finish tuning this bike so I'm comfortable selling it though. The engine still has some issues I want to work out, but I'm almost done with it. Paying rent will be interesting. It'll get done, but I'm wondering how hard I need to look for actual work, while this is in progress.

That'll all depend on demand, I suppose. Wont find out until I put it up for sale. *sigh* I should prolly do that tomorrow. I dont have to actually hand it off until I'm ready, but it wont look any different, I'm sure. Just tuned up.
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