Dave (boredomfiend) wrote,

Business Concept

Dunno why I didnt write this down sooner.

All other plans aside, my immediate situation should take a bit of precedence. The MB Club is a possibility down the road, but here's where I'm at.

I have a motorized bike. Today I figured out why it wasnt running very well, and fixed it. Now it runs amazingly well. Now I have no hesitation in selling it. I also have another bike, soon to be four bikes. I'm hoping as many as three will be Potential builds, but at this time at least I know I have one Potential. I still have tools. Everything I used in the first build, except the dremel which broke but will soon be replaced. I have supplies, as well as tools. Most of my "hidden charges" have been revealed to me, and covered. Most of them wont need to be purchased again for a while since I use so little on each bike. The biggest expense aside from the bikes and kits are the upgraded metal for the nuts and bolts. Stronger is better. Quality out the door. Nothing left on the engine that "tends to break" except the engine itself, but at least that should last a while before it does.

Current order of business. Sell the bike. The next one will be cheaper for me to produce and I will actually start turning a profit.

Tools needed asap:
--Business Cards.
--Something that'll cut the bolts neatly and easily.

Things to look into:
--Logo? Something on Vinyl for gas-tank and transmission space.
--Distributors. If Neil will play ball, then I'm good. Otherwise I need a better source.
--Workspace. Clean, enclosed, well-lit, and with enough room for me and maybe others.

Here is my first Build. It is now ready to sell.

This is my next Potential.
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