Dave (boredomfiend) wrote,

MoPet Situation Update

Well, I had this grand idea unfolding, for that business to start up and become self-sufficient enough to possibly place it in the hands of its members while still generating income for me.

Just a note: For those of you who think I am finally trying to get realistic, HAH. I have not deviated in the slightest. My entire goal here is to fund my flight training. If this gets off the ground, it will merely be a way to get ME off the ground, and perhaps be maintained as a side business or sold as one. Its a means to an end, its not my new career.

New developments. Idea came crashing down. So it turns out that the motorized bikes I'm building and starting to market/sell actually do fall under California Vehicle Code (VC) Section 406(a) which DOES require an M2 license. Shit. The upside is that once I sell this first bike, I'll then be using smaller engines (and getting a speedometer for sure) and if I can put restrictors into the intake and exhaust valves such as would reduce the top speed to 20 mph, then they would qualify under California Vehicle Code (VC) Sections 406(b) which in fact does NOT require the M2 license. Sooo... not the end of the world, I guess. Not as likely now that I'll build my amazing MoPed empire to pay for flight training, but this might just be a hiccup.

Future developments... Invention time. (this is made private due to confidental details)
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