Dave (boredomfiend) wrote,

Mission Statement

Just to make this clear..

The one true goal of this business is to pay for my flight training. It is nothing but a means to an end. I see an opportunity, and I am being whole-heartedly opportunistic.

Unless A is also B, then you will have a path to travel from A to reach B. The destination may be important, or perhaps all-important, but there is still value in the path you take to reach your destination. Enjoy the path, or choose another.

What I want to make here, are motorized bikes. They are fun, they are green, they are cheap to operate and promote exercise and fresh air. How I want to make them, is with a group. This may be friends, friends of friends, people who like to tinker, people who like bikes, or people who like motored bikes. One goal of this place is to make it run as smoothly as possible. Assign people different positions within the group as soon as possible, or perhaps when it seems necessary, so that I am not a required element in the operations.. so that I can have a social life, or another job, or take classes.. without the whole thing crumbling. I want it to benefit the group members enough to inspire interest and loyalty, regardless of the non-competition agreements everyone will sign.

In the long run, I hope it to be a self-sufficient business that I can offer to "sell" to the group, if they enjoy it enough to desire control of the business. If they are interested but not financially available to do so, then perhaps they can 'make payments'. I retain ownership of the company, while they gain control of operations, and give me a flat rate or share of their profits.
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