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Member Contract

Member Agreement (version 1.0)

1) Non-disclosure
.A) Anything determined to be 'priviledged information' will not be demonstrated or otherwise communicated beyond the Group*.
.B) That which is considered to be 'priviledged information' will be dictated by Group Leader* with recommendations from Group Members*.

2) Non-competition
.A) Member understands that this is a business of motorizing, modifying, tinkering with, and otherwise working on bikes*.
.B) A period of non-competition is in effect from the time the Member Agreement is signed, through a period of six months (180 days) after a separation or termination statement is filed, or in the case of death.
.C) Member agrees not to receive money from Folks* for services or sales within the scope of Group operations during the non-competition period, unless acting as a representative of the Group, with monies being remitted to the Group Leader.
.D) Member agrees not to independently purchase motors for the purpose of motorizing Bikes. Any vendor or distributor found by Member must be directed to deal with the Group Leader.

3) Innovations
.A) Ideas, concepts, inventions, upgrades or custom designs that Member comes up with during the period of non-competition fall into the category of Innovation.
.B) Innovations are encouraged.
.C) To be be given credit of origination, member is required to request documentation of their innovations, which will be kept in their file.
.D) Innovations which show potential to be useful to the Group will be made available to the group as Public, Priviledged, or Private.
..a) Public information may be openly used, and shared with anyone.
..b) Priviledged information refers to the non-disclosure portion of the contract, and is not to be communicated beyond Group Members.
..c) Private information is subject to limitations determined on an individual basis.
.E) Patents on promising innovations are encouraged, and will be shared by originating Member and the Group Leader as representative of the Group. Funding for the patent application may be provided by the Group Leader upon request, based on merit and availability of funds.

4) Alterations
.A) This contract may be altered at any time with or without notification. Group member is responsible for reading updates to the contract as they are made available.
.B) Any alterations of the agreement by the Group Leader must be reviewed by no less than one (1) Group Member prior to taking effect, and will be published in the Group forum.
.C) Members may request to see their Contracts at any time during Hours* that the Group Leader is present, and not already engaged in a task.

5) Negotiations
.A) Everything in this contract is negotiable, by means of written communication with the Group Leader.
.B) Once an individual change or agreement is approved, that Group member's contract will be ammended to reflect the change.
.C) Changes and alterations to the Agreement do not affect other group members, unless the change or alteration is originally negotiated to include multiple Members, or all Members.
.D) Negotiations that do not affect all Members may not be published.

6) Compensation
.A) Members who actively build motorized Bikes are entitled to keep the 4th motorized bike that they build.
.B) Members who already possess a motorized Bike, received as compensation or purchased from the Group, are entitled to alternate payment options on each completed build.
.C) Payment options vary widely, and may be individually negotiated. Standard options are:
..a) Flat rate, such as $50 or $100 dollars US.
..b) Percentage of the profit from the sale of their Build.
..c) Accessories for their own personal Bikes.
.D) In the case of a joint effort, Members must agree on payment and split.
.E) Builds that require heavy involvement from Group Leader may be adopted as a Leader's Build, and Members involved may be only partially compensated, or not at all. Heavy involvement is defined as 50% or more of the effort required to complete a Build.*
.F) Members who possess special skills or equipment may negotiate a 'cost of service' alteration into their Member Agreements.
.G) Members are encouraged to advertise and sell completed Builds.
..a) Advertising consists mainly of test-riding and breaking-in new Builds in public locations, and talking to Folks about the Bikes and the Place.
..b) Selling is like Advertising, but using a completed build that is ready for sale.
..c) Another way to sell is by means of a sales-ad, or direct referral.
..d) Any Member who makes a successful sale at the regular, student,* or patient* price for a completed Build will receive a commission of $20 dollars US.

7) Build Materials
.A) Defined as Basic Bikes, Primo Bikes, Motor Kits, Parts, and Accessories.
..a) Basic Bikes are defined as low-value Bikes with conversion potential.
..b) Primo Bikes are considered high-value Bikes with conversion potential.
..c) Usable parts taken from un-usable Bikes are openly available for replacing damaged or worn pieces on Basic or Primo Bikes being prepared for a Build.
..d) Motor Kits must be acquired by Group Leader and distributed to Members by Group Leader unless a Member is given the authority to do so by the Group Leader.
..e) High quality and specialty Parts may be put aside as accessories or upgrades.
..f) An accessory is anything that was not included when the bike was acquired, not part of the Motor Kit, and not required for the Bike to function. This includes such items as headlight/taillight, horn/bell, helmet, generator, speedometer, etc.
..g) Accessories are not used in Basic Builds.
.B) Basic Bikes can be selected by any Member who is ready to begin a Build.
.C) The use of Primo bikes is restricted and Members must receive approval prior to use.
.D) Motor Kits may be checked out by Members after selecting a Bike to Build on.
.E) If a Member decides against completing a Build, it must either be signed off to another Member to finish, or else the Motor Kit must be checked, repacked and returned in its original packaging.

*Leader - David Snyder, also known as TheDave.
*Member - Any person currently bound by this Agreement.
*Group - Anyone who is currently bound by the Member Agreement, and the Group Leader.
*Folks - Anyone who is not currently bound by the Member Agreement, and is thereby not in the Group. (ie. friends, family, customers, etc.)
*Bikes - Bikes are defined as any vehicle of ground-travel which uses two or three wheels and is not originally manufactured as a motorized vehicle, which have been or will be modified to be motor-assisted.
*Hours - Hours of operation, any time that Members are working at the Place, with or without Leader's supervision.
*Build - A motorized bicycle, or the project of building one.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I, ___________________________, understand everything in the Member Agreement (version 1.0) and agree to be bound by its terms. If there is something I do not understand, I will ask for clarification prior to signing.

Member Name: ____________________________________ Date: ____________

Member Signature: __________________________________________________

Witness Name: ___________________________________ Date: ____________

Witness Signature: _________________________________________________

Leader Signature: _______________________________ Date: ____________
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