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Ack! Need to get this stuff down. My "hiccup" about legality is being shunted aside. Long story short, the laws about these are rather fuzzy, and change based on what area you are in, and are rarely enforced REGARDLESS of where you are. If you ride it like an asshole on a motorcycle, the cops will probably treat you like an asshole on a motorcycle. They can ticket virtually anyone for SOMETHING if they are so inclined. Solution? Ride it like a bike, end of story, and be polite. I have been riding one around quite a bit for about the last 4 weeks, doing general testing and engine-tuning. I usually pedal even when I dont have to (or at least I pretend to pedal), I dont always zoom around at top speed, I dont even have a helmet... yet I've never been pulled over. (helmets are recommended)

Here is the 2nd Build.

Its the Schwinn Point Beach that I didnt think would take the motor. Now I know a few tricks, and not only did I do it, but I figure I can now mount a motor on damn near anything with a big enough frame.
Its got a 50cc engine with about 1.8 HP, for a much smoother and quieter ride than the mountain bike. Not as much "guts" though, at low speeds and on hills it doesnt have much power.

With both bikes together, I call 'em "beauty and the beast." =)

New developments..

About a week ago I was talking to someone at the bar I frequent about motorized bikes, and they "told me what I should do" and it was in one ear, out the other... but apparently an echo bounced around a while, then popped back in.

He didnt want to buy one, but he said I should rent them out, or in his case, lease them. He strongly suggested setting up at a couple beaches, renting them out for a few hours or the day. That sounds great and all, but you cant use these on the beach! On bike trails and in crowds of people, I suggest that you cut the motor and pedal. Otherwise, I might consider doing this.

And yet... leasing/renting bikes isnt that bad an idea. I'm starting to formulate an idea for "bicycle insurance" wherein if your bicycle is damaged beyond use, or stolen, you can come to me and use a "loaner" just like a car rental, but if you give me something like $5 per month for the "insurance" than you can borrow a bike free of charge for some TBD period of time. $10 dollars a month to "insure" a motorized bike, so that you can come to me for a motorized "loaner" should something happen to yours, so that you can still get to school, work, etc. Straight-out renting a bike could be something like $5 dollars a day, or $10 dollars a day for something motorized.
Consider it.. $5-10 per month really isnt much money at all, but how often do people lose or destroy bikes? All the time, sure, but on an individual basis, not all that often. And sure, its not much money, but what happens if you have 10 people who use their bikes a lot and would like to know they're covered? Thats $50-$100 per month. Money is money, and thats practically free money since it just makes use of surplus.

Actually insuring a bicycle or MB to the extent of replacing it... maybe that'd be $10/$20 per month? Hard to say, because I dont have people to investigate a "claim" of a stolen bike. Too much hassle. Dont think people would pay to insure a stupid bike? I pay about $50 dollars a month in car insurance because I purposely drive a "beater" car. You think its too expensive to pay half the cost of CAR INSURANCE to protect a BIKE? Here's something... I am asking the same amount for the Beach Cruiser that I paid for my CAR. $600. If I had that MB and used it more than (or instead of) a car, I'd want to insure it.

Keep in mind that I will have an extreme surplus of decent/good bikes to sell because of my bulk purchases, why not turn another way to profit off them until they are sold?
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