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Business materials - update

I am now corresponding with my (almost) dream supplier. Wholesale rates for "bulk" (its a small number) engine kits, at a location I can pick them up at and avoid the massive shipping costs that usually drive the prices skyhigh. Only drawback... none of the smaller 50cc engines. 66cc only, from this source.

Posters/Flyers - I designed a very basic sales poster on Friday night, but havent had a chance to print any up, nor distribute them. I should be able to do it tomorrow.

Business cards - $20 dollars for 100 business cards, with formats I'd consider decent. I can also mix them up, to include various pictures, and even throw some into the pot as modeling business cards. I could order them right now, but I'm thinking I might wait until I have better images.

Better images - The pictures I have of the bikes will suffice for a crappy little sales poster, but I dont think they're the right quality for business cards. Need to drag the bikes into a studio and have them photographed by a Real photographer. Doesnt need to have naked chicks draped over the bikes (although...) just needs to show them in a clean, lit, controlled environment. In other words, good product-shots.

Location / Crew - I might have killed two birds with one stone, here. I found a household that includes three young people with time to kill, who absolutely love the MotorizedBikes and are stoked on the idea of building them with me.... AND their place has space we can use to build.
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