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dear jebus. its 5am and i just got home a lil bit ago. aside from being exposed to the dew and not optimal night-time lighting, the place is good. I've got two people very interested in building bikes, and another who might be once i can get him involved. the first two helped me work on bike #3, which I got running today.

never never never never never again must i build a bike from scrap. so those three bikes I picked up that i won so long ago were crappier than I thought. I had originally hoped I could just sell one, and take parts from one to make the third decent enough to build on. Nope. We did end up getting a decent bike, but there's nothing left of the other two except frames and scraps. But... we did finally get the bike running at around 3am. I spent 12 hours on it today working on the engine, and about 12 hours yesterday doing the scrap-work to get a bike.

ewwww total waste of 12 hours, if I'd just paid $50 bucks for one decent bike in the first place. Wouldnt have had to do all the stripping and salvage.. definitely want to avoid bothering with that again. Either get a bike I can work on directly, or task the boys to hybridize the junkers. If I spend the time doing that again, someone should slap me.

Also, they have ideas for selling bikes. Cool. Definitely cool once we get several up and running smooth, and take them all out together. I'll have someone to ride with! =)

main point here... bike #3 is running. I'll post pictures once the wiring and such is cleaned up. Aww, my first $400 dollar build. I wouldnt charge any more for this thing.

bleh. its 5:30am and I'm still here. g'nite and good riddance.
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