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Ok so that last entry was the result of 15 things going through my head and coming out bits at a time in no particular order.

I am currently doing research into nonmonogamy, and its sparking a bit of resentment toward society at large, and a little toward the religions which have been so pivotal in the formation of this countries and the mainstream culture within it.  I dont like that most of it is given in the form of ultimatums, rather than getting all the options and having the freedom to choose for yourself.  You are supposed to be straight, you are supposed to be monogamous in your relationships, hopefully you are christian, and it'd be nice if you were white, too.  Is that really too much to ask?

Well I say... yeah.  It is.  Once you started asking anything it was too much.  Even just by keeping ideas down with negative propaganda and stigma, or outright censorship, it was too far.  This is not your country.  This is our country.  Not everyone is straight, and you really cant force the issue.  Damn near nobody is monogamous, but since thats the social norm, almost everyone tries to be, or at least pretends to be.  Christianity was the basis of this country for a time, and still wants to be, and yet it doesnt adapt to the times.  Monogamy, for a lot of people, is a joke.. but since it is the social ultimatum, nobody is laughing.  Instead, they turn around and cheat repeatedly.  They cheat until their hormones get bored, and then they might settle down.  That sucks though.  Because it changes you, it changes the way you interact, and especially the way you behave.

Having multiple partners, or having one partner that you cheat on.  You know the main difference?  Honesty.  The person who claims nonmonogamy is being honest with themselves and everyone they're involved with (hopefully) because they dont need to lie in order to make themselves happy.  One effect of having things in the open, is that once something is a topic, it can be discussed.  Boundaries can be set, even if they are looser than the norm.

Consider it like marijuana.  People will argue that its a gateway drug, or the devil in disguise, or all these things... and yet its really not the end of the world.  If people saw it as being acceptable, then it simply would be so.  Instead of fueling these massive drug cartels, or leading to arrests and drug charges that ruin the lives of so many people, and all the money and energy spent trying to suppress it... forget all that.  Just legalize it, and forget about it.  Once it is legalized, it can be moderated.  If the boundary is absolute, then it will simply be broken and ignored, to any degree.  If it was legal but goverment regulated and taxed, then it would not be fueling the cartels, it would be better quality and a source of legitimate income, AND nobody's life would get ruined due to drug charges, because there's no more risk, even moreso, no reason, to peddle it.


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