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 So... sometime in the past.  I would say 2-4 weeks ago but pretty much anything before today blends together anyway.. so.. Sometime in the recent past, I spent about an hour at the bar before I was ready to admit that I just wasnt feelin it.  I sometimes go for 3-4 hours, just hang out and play pool, but this was just one of those nights..  Didnt know anyone there, the table was occupied with a long line ahead of me, I was tired, and had a lingering headache that was starting to get pissed off.  In my head, I was doing a mental "prior to departure" checklist, noting where my jacket was... and Out of the blue, there is this gorgeous face is suddenly standin there, with electric eyes and smile, asking me if I need a drink.  I swear, the force of that gaze acted like G-forces on my concentration, but I think I managed to turn awe into a friendly smile just before it hit my face.  I probably said something pointless about leaving, and then accepted the drink.  I was starting to name a beer, and the face interrupts..
Face:  "hard liquor."
Me:  ".. Jack"
Face:  "mixer?"
Me:  "Coke - cherry."
... and then the face smiles prettily, and slides past me into the crowd at the bar.  Once my head stopped spinning, she had actually disappeard into the crowd.  I go outside to have a cig and try to clear my head, even though I hadnt been drinking yet.. when I went back inside and start wading toward that section of the press, a hand pops up, holding a jack and cherry toward me.  I take the drink and the hand just disappears into the crowd.  Seriously I did not see the rest of the arm, and so I start trying to spot her, and somehow failing.  Probably 20 minutes goes past, and I'm walking through the press in front of the bar, and through the people far below (I'm tall, it has weird effects sometimes) I see the side of the face, and I look down to see it distributing beers to its friends, and then its gone again.  At this point its almost creepy how ethereal it seems.  Over the next couple hours I realized there hadnt been another sighting, and I failed to locate it entirely.  Somehow it was always swirling with people or drinks or just vanished entirely.  I didnt even get a name.  The entire event did do quite a bit to spur my mood, though.  If that was the original intention of the gesture, it was successful.  If not, well, it still cheered me up.

Yesterday I went, to play some pool.  This girl walks in with a face like a tractor beam, and the smile.  I just stare as she walks past and goes upstairs with her friend.  She goes out of sight, I blink a few times, and try to remember if I'm solid or stripes.  Its not fair... really... when a "stunning" face actually leaves you dazed.  Thats supposed to be just a figure of speech, alright?!  So when I get clear of the pushy guys who's asses I was kicking on the table, I make my way upstairs.  I get up there and she's in the corner with her friend.  I sit up there for a few minutes, recovering from the stupidity that was taking place down at the table.  I turn to say something to her and there's nothing but a cricket inside my head, and the chirp echoes.  I turn and see my friend heading out the door, so I jog down the stairs to see her out, and soon after, leave.

And then only now do I realize that it was the same person from some weeks ago, who showed up when I was down, bought me a drink and disappeared.


And I still dont know her name.

Perhaps I should call her Violet.   ;-)
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