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But I've been writing offline, so maybe something will find its way here in time.

I'm not working enough, but I'm getting by.. barely and somehow.  The last time I booked work it was with someone I found at the Art Model Place.  There is finally a website for the industry I work in.  Something to compile a directory of art models and network them directly with their various employers.  If this website had existed a couple years ago, I imagine I'd now be out of debt and in better state of mind... and thats just from being able to find steady work.  Guess I should have built it sooner, eh?  Right now its at 185 members.  Getting a slow start but I'm hoping it'll pick up soon.  Once it starts getting more populated, it has some lovely potential.  Slowing it down is time and budget.  I could make some major changes with a couple hundred dollars, and in a month my friend will become more available to help me with it, and possibly hire me as her assistant for various website work.  She's been teaching me a lot and I've taught myself a bit, too.

I hate the waiting game.  Hate it.  I waited three weeks to find out about a job.  It was a week between 1st and 2nd interview, and two weeks after that before I found out that it wasnt happening.  In that time, I couldn't book work because if I actually DID get a lucrative full-time job, I'd have to cancel nearly all of the bookings I had accepted and ruin some of the business contacts.  Waiting that long though at such a crucial time.. that was the window.  When everyone does their hiring for summer, and in many cases for fall as well.  Thats half the damn school year.  I got bookings from one school since then, and I doubt there are many more forthcoming.  I really gotta get on that, pronto.  Leave the site alone for a few days, find work for NOW.  arg.
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