Dave (boredomfiend) wrote,

Researching the lifestyle of business.

So it seems that its not just a matter of what you do in life, and how well you do it... but what you do in general that leads you to doing it.  To actually pursue something there cannot be an on/off switch of going to work vs off-time, because your off-time has to lead to more work-time.  In other words, to be successful at anything, you have to shape your lifestyle and habits to lead you to more business, or draw it to yourself.  If you already have as much as you can handle, then you look for better business.

In the case of modeling, or art modeling, research someone you see in the industry that is successful, and at a level you feel you can reach.  How they work "on the clock" is one thing, but the rest is everything.  Where do they find work?  Do they have an agency that helps them?  If not, what websites do they use, and how many hours per day (or week) do they usually spend on them?  How do they present themselves on their profiles?

(Online presence is important these days.  The old "six degrees of separation" doesnt apply anymore.  I'd say its more like... two or three.  You're either directly connected online, or you know someone who is.)

Unless they have an agency which finds most of their work, the websites are important.  Some of them have unlimited storage so you can post absolutely everything, but others might have good forums, or a much-used casting section.  Figure out where they find work, and where work finds them.  

What do they do offline that is relevant to work?  Just carry business cards in case conversation leads that direction, or seek out business contacts and intigate the conversation?  Have they shaped their social life toward business?  Go to networking parties instead of clubs?  Are their friends all in the industry, or do they have real friends, too?  (((kidding)))

Anyway.  The point here is that lifestyle and work run in tandem in many forms of business.  To be involved in that business, research how the lifestyle leads to business in the lives of those successful at the business.

((In regard to modeling - it might even be worth considering their profile specifically.  Break it down into a format, like sections on a resume.  See what information they include, and where.  When someone goes to that page, whats the first impression it gives?  Take a look at what kinds of information they supply, and try to notice what they left out, and why.. if its significant, why not follow their example?  
If they have been at it a while, they probably have several gigs of images.  This is their marketplace.  This isnt where they put the myspace pictures of them with their friends, because that shit goes on myspace, or facebook.  Try and figure out if there are patterns in the layout.  Do they have different albums for categories, or put everything together?  How is it organized?  Is all the best stuff right up top or do they space out the good images so you have to look through every page?  Or do they just post everything chronologically, with no special arrangement?))

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